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The Expendable is a true story of the Fall of the Philippines as WWII opens in the Pacific. A navy corpsman abandoned on Bataan refuses to surrender and fights across the archipelago until finally trapped on Mindanao. He joins men from his old units with a plan to reach Australia. With Japanese troops only minutes away, it is literally "do or die.".

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SYNOPSIS They Were Expendable is based on the real-life heroics of PT Boat squadron leader John Bulkeley, and the defense of the Philippines from December 1941 through April 1942. During World War II, Lt. Brickley and Lt. Ryan put on a demonstration of PT Boat speed and maneuverability in combat for the top Navy brass. Each one is expendable in the context of the group, as well. Family and friends are only mentioned through lies, Jason Statham can’t hold on to a girlfriend, and Mickey Rourke has had 50 girlfriends (which means he’s been replaced 50 times). ... as the true, Sisyphean struggle. The fact that you are expendable makes you angry, which is.

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This is true in humans and in rats. Indeed, being male is a deadly gamble in a variety of species. In the animal kingdom females generally outlive males. ... Keep in mind that the word "expendable" is in quotes, suggesting that it is being used in a figurative rather than literal sense. I do not literally think that men are expendable.

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HitFix’s Alan Sepinwall reviews "Down Will Come," the "True Detective" episode ending in a spectacular but nonsensical gunfight, starring Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, Rachel McAdams, and Taylor.

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They Were Expendable is a 1945 American war film directed by John Ford, starring Robert Montgomery and John Wayne, and featuring Donna Reed.The film is based on the 1942 book by William Lindsay White, relating the story of the exploits of Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three, a PT boat unit defending the Philippines against Japanese invasion during the Battle of the.

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