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Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Various X Reader Op Reader Black Reader. The reader is from the one punch man universe, she is best friends with Saitama and was doing the 100 push-ups, sit-ups, squats, and the 10k run exercise alongside him. So to conclude she's just as strong. One day when fighting a monster she was thinking about dinner and.

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See full list on narutocouple However, I may branch out one day However, I may branch out one day. He runs. Children of Pain Chapter One, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. The ages have been edited, and I'll list the noteable ones below. This takes place a few months after the Uchiha massacre. Sasuke- 6. Naruto- 6. Gaara- 6. Hinata- 5. Karin- 7. Aug 06, 2020 · Sesshomaru has no interest in his brother's tutor. She clouds his mind and makes him uneasy.He would prefer to be left alone. But when she shows up with magenta stripes on her wrists, he is forced to confront an undeniable truth about Kagome Higurashi: She's his sole mate. *2nd Place Winner - 'Best Oneshot Fiction' for Feudal Connection's 2021 2nd Quarterly Inuyasha Fandom.

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The first attack that came to mind was to copy Shikimaru from Naruto. Willing my shadow to strike out, I commanded one of the giant stuffed toys in the room to move as I moved. "This would be a good technique to use if I had a gun." Next, I snaked my shadow around the stuffed animal's neck, and twisted it off.

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1 Shikamaru. Unlike most other characters on this list, Shikamaru is one whose superior intellect runs in the blood of his family, the Nara clan. With his father, son, and he all exhibiting nearly identical personalities and brains, it's safe to say Shikamaru's brilliance was no accident.

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Choji Married Karui. Well, This one was a bit unexpected. Choji Akimichi, and Karui from the Cloud Village, although didn't have a lot of time to get together from what we saw in Naruto, however, they still got to know each other well enough to get married and even have a child, named Chocho Akimichi. Chocho also took after her dad in looks.

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