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Python wafer map

The heat map exposes the most clicked places, creating a bright area known as “hot spots.” Even a beginner will be able to determine which places the site the most consulted. It is also possible to define which ones require more commitment or even more animation. 2. Heatmap in Python with Seaborn and Matplotlib.

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WaferMap WaferMap is a customized plot for numerical variables built with num_heatmap, beside the basic heatmap, an horizontal distribution plot sits along with the colorbar. For full details please refer to the API Reference. from wfmap import wafermap fig=wafermap(data,'HDI_R',wtype='UP3').

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Python map() 函数 Python 内置函数 描述 map() 会根据提供的函数对指定序列做映射。 第一个参数 function 以参数序列中的每一个元素调用 function 函数,返回包含每次 function 函数返回值的新列表。.

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Wafermap A python package to plot maps of semiconductor wafers. Free software: MIT license Features Circular wafers with arbitrary notch orientations. Edge-exclusion and grids with optional margin. Hover-able points, vectors and images. Tooltips with embeddable images. Export zoom-able maps to HTML. Toggle layers on/off individually.

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