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Plotjuggler plugins

PlotJuggler 是一个类似于 rqt_plot 的基于Qt的数据可视化工具。 . 但 PlotJuggler 拥有更强大和好用的功能。 . 你可以导入文本文件让它显示文本文件中的数据。 . 你也可以导入ros的bag包,它能自动解析bag包中的数据。 . 并可以回放bag包的数据,然后用 Rviz 来.

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PJ has several built-in streaming plugins (MQTT, UDP, Websockets). For testing purpose, start PJ with option "-t" and try the Dummy Streamer. You can start, pause and stop the streamer. Change the buffer size if needed. Zoom and Time Tracker are active only when streaming is stopped or paused.. eProsima Fast DDS Visualizer Plugin is a plugin for the PlotJuggler application. PlotJuggler is a graphical desktop application providing visualization features of data series, time series, X-Y plots. It also adds data management features, such as data import and export, custom and built-in data manipulation functions, data series merges, etc.

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PlotJuggler / plotjuggler-lsl Public. Notifications Fork 0; Star 2. PlotJugger plugin for LSL Stream. License. MIT license 2 stars 0 forks Star Notifications Code; Issues 1; Pull requests 0;.

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Jul 23, 2022 · Gold Sponsor: Greenzie. PlotJuggler 3.5. PlotJuggler is a tool to visualize time series that is fast, powerful and intuitive.. Noteworthy features: Simple Drag & Drop user interface..

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Jun 17, 2022 · Simple Drag & Drop user interface. Load data from file. Connect to live streaming of data. Save the visualization layout and configurations to re-use them later. Fast OpenGL visualization. Can handle thousands of timeseries and millions of data points. Transform your data using a simple editor: derivative, moving average, integral, etc..

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