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First, click on the Select All button to select all rows from the worksheet. After that, right-click on your mouse. Now, click on Unhide button. Finally, this method will successfully unhide all the hidden rows from the Excel worksheet. Read More: Excel Macro: Hide Rows Based on Cell Text in Excel (3 Simple Methods) 3.

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You can refer the following steps to disable it: Open the Control Panel (Large icon view), and click on the Sync Center icon. In the left pane, click on the Manage offline files link. Click on the Disable offline files button. If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes. Click on OK. To open a workbook as read - only, follow these steps: Display the Open dialog box. How you do this varies based on the version of Excel you are using. A good start is to press Ctrl+O and then, if necessary, click Browse ( Excel 2016 and later) or Computer and then Browse ( Excel 2013). Locate the workbook you want to open and then click once on.

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Step 1. Click File > Options to reach Excel Options. Step 2. Select Customize Ribbon. Pick the 'Save As' command from the list. Create a New Tab and rename it to Save As. Select the recently inserted Tab and click the add button. Finally, click OK to close the Excel Options dialog box. Step 3.

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Excel Insert Row Shortcut. The insert row shortcut in Excel will create a new row below a highlighted cell. To insert a new row, highlight a cell or entire row and press CTRL + Shift + + on your keyword, literally pressing the plus sign after Shift. This will open a small window of options where you can insert a new row or column.

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Step 2. Add attachments. Select file to add as an attachment then click open . Step 3. Complete template email table. Fill out [To, BCC, CC, Email Subject, Email Body] columns. How you fill these out depends on how you how you intend to send the emails, therefore it is recommend to read step 4 before.

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