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Create empty list robot framework

-pythonpath can be used to add extra path(s) to sys.path. This functionality was deprecated in Robot Framework 5.0. -help and -version automatically generate help and version messages. Version is generated based on the tool name and version - see __init__ for information how to set them. Help contains the whole usage given to __init__. Command Robot . The Command Robot.

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Create empty list in robot framework Variables are an integral feature of the Framework Robot, and they can be used in most places in test data. They are most often used in keyword arguments in test and keyword tables, but all settings allow variables in their values. A normal keyword name cannot be specified with a variable, but the Key Word.

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In your code you missed the declaration, in other words you need to create a List using the keyword Create List To declare a List you need to use the following code @ {ScoreList}= Create List The Complete Code is.

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Robot Framework is a generic test automation framework for acceptance testing and acceptance test-driven development (ATDD). Its core framework is written in Python, but also supports IronPython.

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Use `Append To List` to add items to the end of the list. If the absolute value of the index is greater than the length of the list, the value is added at the end (positive index) or the beginning (negative index). An index can be given either as an integer or a string that can be converted to an integer.

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